How To Install Door Canopies

Most door canopies are easy to install and come with all of the necessary items needed to mount it to your back door. However, not all of us are handy when it comes to fixing up the house. We have provided some easy to follow instructions that will help you to install your canopy quickly and with little effort.

  • First you will need to measure the top width of the door you wish to place the canopy above. Use a pencil and mark on the wall at the center of the line of the door. This will help you to know where it needs to be mounted.
  • Use the width measurement of the awning frame and place those measurements on the wall. Make sure to center it on the door center mark you created.
  • Measure up to eighty to eighty-six inches from the porch so you know how high it needs to be put. The opening of the door needs to clear the bottom portion of the awning.
  • Now lift the header frame onto the wall above the door and align it with the center of the door and the awning mark. Use the pencil and mark the drill holes through the mounting board.
  • Remove the mounting board and drill the guide holes. Place the mounting header back into place and put in the screws. Make sure the whole time that it is level.
  • It is time to mount the side arm brackets and secure it with screws on either end of the header mount.
  • Fasten the canopy to the header mounting bracket at the top center and move out to each end of the awning along the header bracket. Make sure that it is level the whole time.
  • Place the canopy to the front end of the arm brackets using the provided screws. Again make sure that the entire thing is level.
  • Now that you are done it is time to stand back and enjoy the work that you put into it.