Fabric Door Canopies

Door canopies are one of the most practical things to get when you are trying to cool off your home during the summer months. Sometimes though we do not wish to spend $400 or more for an aluminum canopy that will only truly help during a few months put of the year. Instead we want something that is easy to install – but that looks great against our house.

Fabric door canopies are a common choice that help to accent the home and protect the doorways. Installing the canopy is easy to do and everything needed to mount it will come with it when you purchase it. The fabric is specially designed to withstand against heavy rain and hours of sun exposure without fading or tearing.

The only month that these should never be used during is the winter where people will receive large amount of snow. The fabric canopy is not designed to handle large and heavy amount of snow for long periods of time. It is best to remove the canopy during this time and to store it in a safe place for the winter.

One of the biggest advantage of these types of canopies is that they allow you to be more flexible in the design and color that you choose. Most companies will offer them in a variety of light and dark colors and special designs that will help to accent your home. They also come in various sizes to match most doors.

When using a fabric door canopy you will be able to keep your home cooler during the summer months and with the proper care this durable item will last for many years. The framework is made with aluminum that is designed to make it stronger and more durable. These will cost between $200 to $300.