Aluminum Door Canopies

There are many different types of door canopies that you are able to purchase to place over your door. Many of us will choose something that is practical, easy to install, and matches the look of the exterior of our home. It is not practical to use something that is going to help us stay cool – but looks tacky when we put it up.

One of the most popular that people will use is the aluminum door canopy. These usually have a very rugged feel to them and come in either a light silver color or darker burgundy color. They look best when used with dark houses and those made with brick. These are considered to be some of the most affordable but that is only one advantage.

These are designed to hold up against snow, sun, and harsh rain and wind. They are durable, strong, and resistant to erosion. During the summer months they are able to keep your home close to 20% cooler – which could be an extra $30 or more a month that you will save.

Although it is not very wide it is able to shade a great deal of the inside of your home from the sun. This will help to keep any furniture that you have inside of the house from fading because of overexposure to the light throughout the summer months.

Each aluminum door canopy that you purchase should come with vented side panels that will match the color of the top portion. The underneath portion will be given a powder white color. It will fit easily into the front of the rain gutter and will come with everything you need to mount it. They are not too large and are designed to be easily installed within a matter of minutes. Most aluminum door canopies will cost between $200 to $400.