Door Canopies

The summer is one of the hottest times of the year. Everyone is out of school and trying to get an early start on their tans and relax during their time off. At times though it seems that the heat is trying to wear us down. We are constantly seeking the shelter of our homes to feel more comfortable and to cool off in only for a few minutes.

It is no wonder that during these two to three months our electric bills almost double. The amount of energy that we are using by running the air conditioner at all hours of the day can drive us into a frenzy. Sometimes not even a ceiling fan is enough to fully keep our homes cool during the daytime hours.

The problem with some homes is not that they have a faulty air conditioner it is just the way in which the home was built. Tall ceilings will cause the hot air to rise and stay within the home and too many windows will allow the sunlight to stream in all throughout the day.

The best way to keep your air conditioning from running all day long and to keep money in your pockets is to purchase a door canopy. These are just large enough to shade the front door and usually are placed on the door that leads to the back yard. It is better used over this door because this is built almost completely out of glass.

The glass allows the sunlight to stream in during the day – but also allows the heat to come in and warm up the home. With a door canopy the door will be completely shaded and will work to keep the heat out of the home.

Our consumer guide will help to show you the different types of canopies that you can use and the best way to install them. With our help you will be able to cool off your home and provide necessary protection during the hot summer months.